Friday, March 6, 2015

Devil's Oven

This extremely cold winter has provided ideal conditions for winter beauty if we take the time and opportunity to look.  On Thursday several of us visited Devil's Oven on Newcastle Creek near Minto, NB.  We snowshoed about 1 km. down the creek bed to the Devil's Oven.  Along the way were several ice formations that were very beautiful.  The ice has been formed from seeping water from the rocky bluff along the stream.  The water has seeped through the soil under the softwood forest above and has frozen as it dripped down off the rocks to the river bed below.

The formations and colours are magnificent.  One can see blues, greens, pinks, mauves, yellows and ochres in the ice.  The large 'icicles' are high, up to 10 metres.  

Devil's Oven was our destination.  Along with the beautiful ice formations, there are also two interesting caves.  These are eroded from the sedimentary rock wall along the side of the stream and are large enough to walk into.  In some cases we were able to get in behind the ice.  One cave is quite large, and gives one mental images of primitive mankind as you stand there and look around, sheltered by the rock above.

Cave at Devil's Oven
Devil's Oven
Along the route we were treated to the natural beauty of open water on the stream itself.  The snow has made interesting patterns as it tumbles into the fast-moving stream.

Our adventure was enjoyable.  Fresh air and exercise in our beautiful New Brunswick landscape is a good way to spend a March Break afternoon.  Hot dogs and hot chocolate tasted superb after the long hike.

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