Friday, August 14, 2015

Plein Air Watercolour Workshop

Painting in Nova Scotia

Port Joli Shoreline
 Last weekend we attended a Plein Air Watercolour Workshop on the outskirts of Port Joli, Nova Scotia.  Nine enthusiastic water colour artists gathered to learn from the world renowned water colourist, Roger Savage of Mersey Point, NS.  Roger has painted all over the world, won numerous awards and has a gallery at Mersey Point.  His teaching is educational, enthusiastic, and a joy to experience.  He is full of stories and humour so we enjoyed his classes.

On Saturday we visited a nearby shoreline and gathered in the lee of a fish plant to paint for the day.  Above is the painting I was able to complete.  It is difficult to get perspective and contrast with water colours but I think I accomplished it in this one.  On Sunday it was raining heavily so we assembled on the ample covered veranda of our facility.  This provided a nice pastoral scene.  Roger also set up a still life for those who wished to paint flowers.

Dirk's Belteds
Above is my painting of the scene from the veranda.  I loved the Belted Galloway cow and calf which were grazing below us.  This painting was difficult to get the correct value of the colours and the perspective.  I am happy with my result.

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