Thursday, November 12, 2015

Art: Watercolour

Watercolour Workshops

The Storm
Recently I have had the good fortune to attend two watercolour workshops.  The most recent was presented by Peggy Holt of Fredericton.  Peggy put on a day filled with excellent instruction and demonstrations showing her work and skill.  She motivated us with her excellent teaching skills.  The session was complete with coverage of nearly every possible aspect of watercolour painting.  She even introduced some cutting edge ideas!  

The painting above was done from a photo which she used to have us paint a landscape.  I was intrigued by the severity of the storm and what it was doing to the landscape.  I enjoyed putting that on paper.

At the end of September I attended a 5-day watercolour workshop put on by the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour in Cornwallis, NS (see previous post).  This was a fantastic experience.  There were 8 teachers covering all aspects of watercolour painting.  Each was a master of her/his area.  We could choose to spend a day or more with our choice of 5 of them.  Some selected more than one day with some but I chose a day with 5 individuals.

Calgary Cityscape
One instructor was Rex Beanland from Calgary who specializes in cityscapes.  We had a fun day learning his techniques.  The painting above is what I was able to execute.  Getting the perspective right was the challenge.  

The symposium was also filled with extras.  We had a lobster banquet one evening.  On another we had a 2-hour presentation on Golden products.  We were shown dozens of their products with concrete examples of what they can do.  We finished the evening with lots of take-home samples.  Other extras included a life drawing session, night painting demonstration, and a welcoming reception.

I am not sure I am a watercolorist but I certainly enjoyed being shown what they can do.  Most of them are transparent and I love the luminosity they show.  It is also interesting to see what they can do by themselves as they move around on the paper.  They are a challenge to use but a rewarding challenge!

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