Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall Colours

Fall Colours At Their Peak

Panorama of NB Fall Colours
Our autumn colours are now at their peak.  Just stepping out the door gives one a fabulous view.  How magnificent the colours look on a sunny day!  Although it is difficult (and impossible in my view) to capture that beauty on camera, I am showing some of my photos to try to show off some of our splendour.

School Road, Scotch Lake
The colours are best in hardwood or predominantly hardwood habitats.  The sugar maples turn red and orange; the red maples are red or yellow; the oaks and beeches are brown, the birches and poplars are yellow.  Add to that the many shades of each of these colours and mix them with a multitude of shades of green from the yellow greens of deciduous leaves just beginning to turn to the dark cool greens of softwood trees and you have a bonanza of colour.  Nature has a way of doing it best!
Red Maple and Birch Leaves Against Spruce
Coverall Road
Trail to Howland Falls

Nature is putting on a magnificent show before it drops its leaves and goes dormant for the winter months.  Now is the time to get out and enjoy it.  And while you are at it, you just might catch one of our spectacular sunsets, like the one shown below seen recently.

Sunset Taken in Fredericton, 2016

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