Thursday, December 15, 2016

Beth Leroux the Wood Carver

Beth Does Wonders with Wood

Beth Leroux 
As Christmas approaches magic things are happening at Santa's Workshop, aka Beth's Wood Carving Workshop.  Shown above is Beth welcoming us inside to see what is happening.

Black-capped Chickadees in Various Stages of Completion

Black-capped Chickadee Showing Intricate Feather Detail
Inside we see many interesting projects in various stages of completion.  It is clear she has an interest in many aspects of carving.  She has birds, masks, carousel horses, whimsies, nativity scenes, fish, marine mammals, wall plaques, etc. to catch the eye.  She has accumulated a nice set of hand tools and big machines to make her work easier and detailed.  I see various finishes, brushes and a library of reference material.  The workshop is warm and sunny and clearly a nice place to work.

Beth does most of her work for golf prizes and various fund raisers.  We golfers are very familiar  with her many prizes: tortoises for the Mary Hopper, Blue Jays, Chickadees, Woodpeckers for various golf prizes and Fore-the-Cure.  Shown above are three Black-capped Chickadees in various stages of finish.  What wonderful prizes these make!

Beth with Two Atlantic Puffins
Beth with a Greater Roadrunner
Shown above are future birds for prizes or fund raisers.  The Atlantic Puffin has a beautiful beak that will make a fabulous prize.  The Greater Roadrunner would be gorgeous, as well.

Speed Skater under Construction
Dolphin Wind Chime
Canada Goose

Beth with Carousel Horse
The few photos above depict some of Beth's creativity.  She has a wonderful way of transforming a mental image into a 3-dimensional piece of wood.  For a recent Christmas Ladies' Luncheon at the Fredericton Golf Club Beth made Christmas tree ornaments to raise early money for the 2017 Fore-the-Cure.  We sold tickets and drew them at the luncheon making many happy recipients.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Beth with Santa
I saw prize-winning ribbons from various competitions in which she has entered her work.  That is exciting that she has reached that level.

Rough-Sawn Woodpecker
Shown above is a future golf prize, a Hairy Woodpecker or a Northern Flicker.  I will try to play well for that one!  Thank you, Beth, for all the good work you do and for your generosity to golf and breast cancer research.  Also, thank you for promoting appreciation and conservation of birds and other wildlife species through your work.

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